#8 – Oussama AMMAR, Co-Founder of TheFamily is on Innovation Leaders ūüéôBeing Covid proof, how to adapt one’s business during the pandemic

Adapting¬†one’s business, vision, and¬†organization during the¬†Covid-19¬†era, the¬†example¬†of¬†TheFamily.¬†

The Covid-19¬†is¬†a real¬†game-changer for the¬†economic world, the entrepreneurial world, and the¬†investors.¬†Everybody¬†needs¬†to question or¬†even¬†reinvent¬†themselves.¬†That’s¬†what¬†happened¬†to¬†TheFamily, a¬†challenging¬†business model,¬†based¬†on¬†strong¬†human¬†exchanges¬†that¬†must¬†now¬†be¬†digitalized. A good¬†example¬†of how a team has¬†adapted¬†to exploit the¬†pandemic¬†to¬†rethink¬†its¬†business model and¬†take¬†advantage¬†of¬†it. Oussama¬†also¬†addresses¬†startup¬†CEOs¬†by¬†giving¬†them¬†some¬†tips¬†to¬†react to¬†this¬†crisis.¬†

You will discover:

ūüĎȬ†The impacts of Covid-19 on the¬†ecosystem¬†of start-ups
ūüĎȬ†How¬†TheFamily¬†lived¬†through¬†this¬†crisis¬†and how to¬†make¬†complicated¬†decisions
ūüĎȬ†How Covid-19¬†is¬†a¬†game-changer for¬†investors¬†worldwide¬†
ūüĎȬ†TheFamily’s¬†new start
ūüĎȬ†What¬†an entrepreneur can¬†expect¬†from¬†TheFamily¬†coaching¬†



Oussama Ammar 


The Family 

One piece of advice to somebody who wants to start a business? 

Do it and don’t dream it! 

Which company, technically speaking, inspires you the most at the moment? 

Stripe is very impressive. 

If there was one technology that would be a must-have in the next ten years, which one would it be? 

Virtual reality will become a must-have. 

Are you more Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? 

I wish I could choose one but none of the two. Jeff Besos is an incredibly patient man, that I admire because I am impatient. And Ellon Musk is obviously mad.  

And which entrepreneur has the most impressed you? 

Maximie Coutté who is not very well known because he is very young (19 years old) and under the radar for the moment. He will become a very impressive and important entrepreneur soon. He works on VR. He looks a lot like Steve Jobs.   

If there was only one book left, which one would you keep? 

His Dark Materials by Philippe Pullman  

Which app on your phone would you recommend? 


If I were to invite somebody on this podcast in the world of tech and innovation, who would you recommend? 

Max Coutté 


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