?#2, Tech and Data for empowering Sales with François Fillette

“We’ve come a long way there! »


It is with these words that the recording of this second episode with François Fillette ended. You may not know him yet, but François is a reference in terms of sales process, so much so that he created a school that is a hit, Humindschool.


Sales has evolved drastically in recent years, driven to evolve by american tech players at the outset, companies like Salesforce.com, for example, have contributed a lot to the structuring and digitalisation of the sales act.


Tech and sales are no longer opposing worlds anymore, on the contrary, these worlds are getting so close that one even wonders if to be a good salesman… You wouldn’t have to be a good engineer ?… Exchange to be listened and listened again, all the notes of this episode are at your disposal below.


Enjoy your listening !


Books :

Predictable revenues, Aaron Ross, https://predictablerevenue.com/




Analyse sémantique et transcript de calls

Modjo, https://modjo.ai/


Demand Gen

Linkedin, Linkedin Sales Navigator, https://www.linkedin.com/sales/contract-chooser?redirect=/sales

Sirene, https://www.sirene.fr/sirene/public/accueil

Xerfi, www.xerfi.com

Nominations, https://www.nomination.fr/

Zoominfo, https://www.zoominfo.com/

Datanyze, https://www.datanyze.com/

Asgard, https://www.asgard.ai/


Data :

Lusha, www.lusha.co

Dropcontact, www.dropcontact.io

Shapr, www.shapr.co

Kaspr, https://kaspr.fr/



Hubspot, www.hubspot.com



SendinBlue, https://fr.sendinblue.com/

Mailchimp, www.mailchimp.com


Trafic Management

Semrush, https://www.semrush.com


Landing page

Webflow, https://webflow.com/

Landen, https://www.landen.co/


Phone, SMS

Aircall, www.aircall.io

Ringover, www.ringover.com

Twillio, https://www.twilio.com/


Linkedin automation

Airtable, www.airtable.com

Linkedhelper, www.linkedhelper.com

Prospectin, www.prospectin.fr

LGM, La Growth Machine, www.lagrowthmachine.com

Zapier, www.zapier.com


Sales Engagement

Apollo, www.apollo.io

Salesloft, www.salesloft.com

Outreach, www.outreach.io

Datananas, www.datananas.com



Drift, www.drift.com

Vidyard, www.vidyard.com



Madkudu, www.madkudu.com



Hubspot, www.hubspot.com

Pipedrive, www.pipedrive



Getaccept, www.getaccept.com

Tilkee, www.tilkee.com

Pandadoc, www.pandadoc.com


Sales Contest

Salesscreen, www.salesscreen.com


Sales segmentation

Segment, www.segment.io

Sales Machine, www.thesalesmachine.eu


Support, Customer Success

Zendesk, www.zendesk.com

Hubspot, www.hubspot.com



15 Five, www.15five.com

Salesforce, www.salesforce.com



Vivino, www.vivino.com



Humindschool, www.huminschool.com

Salesforce, www.salesforce.com

Parametric Technology Corporation : https://www.ptc.com/

Appdynamics, https://www.appdynamics.com/fr_fr/

Dataiku, https://www.dataiku.com/

GitHub, https://github.com/

Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/

BCG, Boston Consulting Group, https://www.bcg.com/fr-fr/

McKinsey, https://www.mckinsey.com/

Microsoft, www.microsoft.com

Apple, www.apple.com

Spendesk, www.spendesk.com

Doctolib, www.doctolib.com

Tiller System, www.tillersystems.com



Meddic, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_process_engineering

MAP, Mutual Action Plan: https://www.saleshacker.com/mutual-action-plans/

ABM, Account Based Marketing, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Account-based_marketing

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