?#3, Open discussion around Tech trends, management and scalability with Christophe Aulnette



Christophe Aulnette is a Senior Advisor at Apax Partner, one of Europe’s leading private equity firms, and President of the deep tech company Dathena, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence.

Former President of Microsoft in Asia, Microsoft France, Altran Group and Netgem, he is today an investor and practitioner of Tech and international development of technology companies.

In this episode 3, you will be discovering an open and fascinating discussion between Geoffrey Behaghel and Christophe Aulnette.

On the program:

  • The major developments and prospects of the Tech industry
  • The role of the active investor and his advice to entrepreneurs
  • The Covid-19 crisis and its impact on management methods
  • Asia as a territory of expansion and the growing role of China



Christophe Aulnette, https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christophe_Aulnette


Companies :

Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, https://www.microsoft.com/es-es/

Altran, founded by Alexis Kniazeff and Hubert Martigny, https://www.altran.com/es/en/

Netgem, founded by Joseph Haddad, Olivier Guillaumin and Marc Bury, 3 polytechniciens, https://www.netgem.com/fr

Dathena, founded by Christophe Muffat, https://www.dathena.io/

Apax, founded by Alan Patricof and Ronald Cohen, https://www.apax.com/


Books :

The American trap, by Frédéric Pierucci

Understand the trap and the American political and legal hell experienced by all employees, especially executives of companies subject to US pension funds.



Blitzscaling, by Reid Hoffman

An instruction manual with organizational recommendations for the hyper-growth phase of a company.



Culture Map of Erine Mayor

Reminds us that behind businesses, there are people with prejudices, expectations and a vision of life that can unexpectedly determine and shape multi-million dollar decisions.



Webites and Media :

The Verge https://www.theverge.com/

TechCrunch https://techcrunch.com/

Frenchweb https://www.frenchweb.fr/


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