#10 – Jeremy GOILLOT, Head of Growth – Mettre en place une organisation Growth


? L’épisode n° 10 du podcast Innovation Leaders est en ligne  


Pour ce dixième épisode d’Innovation Leaders, Jérémy Goillot de Spendesk fait le point sur le monde du Growth Hacking,

On aborde dans cet échange les éléments suivants:


?La différence entre Growth Hacking et Growth Marketing

?La place du Growth Hacking, ses objectifs et ses interactions

?Ce que signifie être mature en Growth avec l’exemple de Spendesk

?Les évolutions du Growth ces dernières années

?Les idées (folles) de Jérémy pour recruter les meilleurs

?Le Growth est-il fait pour votre entreprise et comment mettre en place une organisation Growth dans son entreprise

?L’approche Growth aux US



Jeremy Goillot 



What is the most beautiful country you have visited, the destination that made the most impression on you?

Jordan for its change of scenery, its culture shock, its benevolence, and its exceptional landscapes. 

What are you most proud of these last 4 years?

My recruits who have now become rockstars, who have gone from being interns, from a not necessarily academic background, and who today receive huge bonuses, who are flourishing and have a life they deserve. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I’ll have my own company. I also see myself living in 2-3 countries a year and there will necessarily be an African country in this equation and Bangalore in India.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to join your teams, a bit like you when you wanted to join eFounders, you created your profile, today if someone wanted to create a profile to join your teams what would you recommend as a career path before joining you (ideal career path)?

The big thing missing today is that people don’t know what to do with their lives. This is unfortunate, but the real question is where do I want to go and what do I want to do? 

I wanted to travel, fly, live abroad, and live the American dream in the tech sector. When I was 15, I told people I would be Head of Growth in San Francisco in a tech company. I had this ambition without knowing what it really meant. 

You have to ask yourself where you want to go.  Living abroad? Working in education? You have to get out there and see what it’s like. Go and find out what you want. 

Which 3-4 companies do you think have a mature growth organization in France and Europe? 

In France, I like Front, which is another Efounders company, very present in the US. 

Payfit, which is a little more discreet with a lot of engineers on the data. 

Smunch, a German company working on the float, where the head of growth is CEO. 

O’Jaran old a generation Maltese or Chilean company, which does analytics and user tracking. It is an exceptional company and has a real growth product. 

If there is a techno or a product which according to you is going to be a must-have in the next 10 years, which one would it be? 

I used to be a big fan of WordPress and I think that today CMS is changing. We use Content Fuel and Strappy is very impressive too. I think that the way of building websites has changed a lot, we have become much more dev friendly. 

Also, I’m quite a fan of the data stack, an affordable stack that will become more and more accessible. 

Is there a Head of Growth on the scene who, in your opinion, stands out, and whom you could have as a mentor?  

Francois Bondiguel, a Frenchman, who is one of Growth’s most senior executives, who has lived through an IPO and manages the growth team at Canva today. He helped me a lot and gave me a lot of answers.

One of the books you would advise any good growth engineers to read?

For people who don’t really understand acquisition:

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler: an explanation of the Sales team at SalesForce

Behind the Cloud by Carlye Adler: the founder’s story of Salesforce 

What app do you have on your phone that you recommend everyone to have (apart from insta and Linkedin and Spendesk!)? 

Workflowy: a to-do list, it is the simplest app. I do everything on it.

If I were to invite someone on this podcast who you think has a tech background that is out of the ordinary, who would you recommend?

Didier Forest: the design partner at EFounders who designed most of the designs that came out of Efounders


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