#7 – Benoit BOURDEL, CTO & Co-Founder of LUKO? Starting from a tech vision to create a leading InsurTech player!



?️Starting from technological innovation to create a new insurance player ??!  

This is the beautiful story of Luko ? in which Raphaël Vullierme and Benoit Bourdel launched themselves in 2016. 4 years later, Luko is a hyper-growing structure that has just passed the 100,000-customer mark.  

Benoit, CTO, and co-founder comes to explain to us the stakes of innovation and Tech at Luko,  


You will discover:   

?  How to set up a tech organisation starting from 0   

?  How to make a place for yourself in a market that seems mature with well-established historical players  

?  Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach through IoT  

The challenges of product-market fit within a new generation insurer  

?  How to structure your decisions, teams, and roadmap when you are a CTO  

? How to combine sharp technological vision, strong ambition, and positive value/impact on society  




Benoit Bourdel

Raphael Vullierme






Several pieces of advice: What are your values and what is your driver and motivation for your company? 

On the first day, we decided to create a company that has a positive impact on society.  In order to have an impact, you need a profitable business so you have to play on the business board and the impact side at the same time. That’s how we are going to create a company that will change society whilst having a positive impact on the environment. The value side is very important and we have to validate it with our associates. 

The second piece of advice is a very ambitious and relentless side. I have in mind the music So Easy by Flowers Breakers. The music says: if it was that easy, everyone would do it, who would you be to succeed, everyone else failed. You have to do the opposite of that, it’s not because others have failed that you with a lot of determination and ambition can’t achieve great things.  

You also need alignment, complementarity with your associate(s). You each need your own dedicated areas, confidence in the objectives, and the challenge. 


Tech companies that inspire you 

Amazon on the focus they have on the product and the technology implemented. For example, the return email hasn’t changed since the 2000’s when they have the technology to do so but they have been able to ask themselves where their customers are looking for value and therefore put the technology in place for the customer. 


A CTO that stands out 

Elon Musk, I’m not being original, but for his strong confidence in what he does, his vision, and his energy in his projects. 


Techno that will become a must-have in the coming years 

From a tech point of view, the smartphone side is becoming more and more innovative. Phones look more and more like computers 

I think that the desktop mode, which is possible on several Android phones, that allows you to put your phone down with a keyboard and a screen and your phone is the processor will become a must-have. 


A book  

A Lego technical manual – the side of creating modules, blocks, engines that run on their own and where you put these blocks together. It’s like coding, independently they don’t have a lot of meaning and interest, but by assembling them you manage to get a global picture that gives it meaning and value and creates the product. 




Revolut or N26an easy to use tech for the product and breaks the codes.  



Tech profile for future podcasts you recommend? 

Charles GorintinCTO of Alan, his career and what he has built-in terms of vision and structure is very original and interesting. 

Aymeric Augustin, CTO of Qonto, also has a very interesting background at Oscaro and Canal+. 

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