#9 – Lucas BERTOLA, Co-Fondateur d’AGICAP est sur Innovation Leaders ?La culture de la qualité, comment s’organiser pour créer le meilleur produit

? Episode #9 of the podcast Innovation Leaders is live ?
Lucas Bertola, CTO et cofondateurof Agicap joined us for the episode #9 of Innovation Leaders.

Agicap’s mission is to provide managers with a simple and reliable solution that allows them to monitor cash levels as they go, to plan its evolution and to anticipate possible periods of shortage. 

Au programme

? His career and his entrepreneurial culture

? The creation of Agicap 

? Discovering Agicap’s company, teams and product

? Their culture of quality

? The technical environment of Agicap

? The future of Tech and R&D at Agicap

Lucas Bertola 

Sebastien BEYET

Clément MAUGET





What advice would you give to anyone starting out as an entrepreneur?   

It would be to validate its hypotheses. That is to say, a mistake that many people make, and that I was able to make at the time, was that you have an idea, you think it’s the best in the world. You shut yourself in a bubble to develop it, and when you put it on the market, it doesn’t work.  

Before that, you have to confront reality and the market as quickly as possible. You have to validate your hypotheses, and if they are not valid, you have to pilot your idea so that it becomes valid.  


What is the technology company that inspires you the most at the moment?   

I am a huge Elon Musk fan, especially of SpaceX which impresses me a lot. The story is fabulous in both achievement and ambition. I cant wait for the moment when mankind will set foot on Mars.  


If theres one technology that you think will be a must in the next 10 years, which one would it be?   

Augmented reality has infinite value. It will be a must have in 10 years. However, the big problem of this techno is to find the right moment to launch this kind of company because today would be too early and in 10 years time too late. 


One of the books that you would advise any good engineer or future CTO/CPO to read?   


Could you imagine living what you’re living now when it all started?  

From the very beginning, we aimed high and big. We didn’t want a small TPE. However, I wouldn’t say whether we were expecting something that big.   


What are you most proud of these last 4 years?   

At Agicap it is what we have managed to do on the recruitment side. I am very proud to say that we have managed to bring together so much talent around a common project. I know that all the people I see in the company are talented people.   


What is the app you have in your phone that you recommend to everyone to have?   

Stadia or Shadow : these are technologies where the whole game is calculated remotely.  


If I were to invite someone on this podcast who you think has an interesting tech background, who would you recommend?   

Julien Dolon – who has worked at Microsoft, Amazon and is now Director of Engineering at Oracle.   




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