#6 – Jean-Marc TASSETTO, from Coorpacademy is on Innovation Leaders ?an insightful discussion around Entrepreneurship and EdTech!


Jean-Marc Tassetto ex CEO of Google and Co-founder of Coorpacademy joined for us for the #6 episode of Innovation Leaders.

In 2013, Jean-Marc Tassetto wanted to reinvent the boring e-learning, which had become very pejorative, and replace it with a new pedagogical protocol, more engaging, more fun, more social, more digital. This gave birth to Coorpacademy.

Au programme

? His career and a feedback from the Google culture

? The creation of Coorpacademy

? His experience in entrepreneurship

? Product management, and the user centric approach

? The challenges of technology and innovation in the service of education




Coorpacademy https://www.coorpacademy.com/en/



Literature for business:

Exponential Organizations: Why New Organizations are Ten Times Better, Faster, and Cheaper Than Yours by Michael S. Malone, Salim Ismail, and Yuri van Geest.


Classic Literature:

Montaigne by Stefan Zweig



What advice would you have for project leaders?

My first tip is don’t forget this an adventure and a trip, so you must be well prepared. That is to say, at the project level, you need to find something to crack, which is a difficulty on the market or with the clients where a solution can be found. Uber, Airbnb, Google, Netflix brings a solution. You have to be refocused on the solution.

My second piece of advice would be for the choice of partners. It’s a difficult adventure, it’s good not to go alone, to go with partners in order to create something very complementary and powerful.

Finally, it will take time, nobody talks about their failures. Successes come after several years of alternation and pivots. You must forget all the fantasy of technology and its success stories and tell yourself that you must dig a furrow and hold out for a few years.

Success comes with time and determination. 



Coorpacademy https://apps.apple.com/us/app/coorpacademy/id1448348795

SBB Mobile – The Swiss mobile railway app that is extraordinary in terms of ergonomics.


You don’t just have to benchmark just your app. You have to benchmark the digital culture of your customers, whatever the sector of activity.


Tech companies that inspires you

I’m very inspired by Google. Not only because I know it, but also because I’m impressed by the power, the culture of external growth. It’s not only internal innovation and company growth can also be achieved through acquisitions and external growth; I remind you that Android and Youtube are acquisitions.

The organisational model, the dynamics, the performance of Google continues to inspire me.



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