🇫🇷#26 – Clément Delangue – Co-founder & CEO @ Hugging Face 🎙 The Ai revolution in collaborative and open-source mode

🤗 Something big is happening in the iA, ML and NLP world 🤗

Created by Julien Chaumond, Clément Delangue and Thomas Wolf , Hugging Face is one of those great entrepreneurial stories, from a start-up wanting to develop a chatbot, and then a few years later, this start-up is on the verge of disrupting the approach to iA by offering a platform that allows everyone to propose and test iA models.

The revolution is underway and companies like Facebook, Google or Microsoft and hundreds of contributors 💯 around the world are contributing to the maturity of these models which now concern all industries.

Clément Delangue 🧢 🌺 was on Innovation Leaders, the podcast of the TogetherbyTech_ community to speak about is experience as co-founder and role of CEO of this high level technical team. An exciting episode registered in 🇫🇷 in which you will discover:

👉 Clement’s inspiring background
👉 The origin of the Hugging Face project, and where this surprising logo comes from
👉 The origin of the impressive pivot practiced by the team to become an iA reference in the world
👉 The Tech environment and the team orga
👉 The importance and the stakes of an Open-source model
👉 How Hugging Face works with GAFAM
👉 In the shoes of a CEO of a DeepTech based in NYC
👉 The power of the community, and how to animate thousands of contributors
👉 The place of ethics in a project like Hugging Face

Episode accessible on all podcasts platform as Apple Podcast or Spotify, here is the Link: https://lnkd.in/dRjgdZDp

🎙Enjoy Listening !!

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