How to automate your job search in 20 min

Now you can automate your internship or job research by sending custom messages to a recruiter through LinkedIn thanks to Phantom Buster? .


My job is to improve people’s job at my company. As a result, I had to automate a few processes to help teams maximize their efforts not wasting time on repetitive tasks.

I noticed that some of my learnings could be applied to a job search as it can be arduous, writing multiple cover letters, resumes and applications. It can be a long, disorganized process, but we can streamline it.
As an engineer, I build processes (and shortcuts) to solve problems. I prefer to set up bots to automate tasks, to do the job for me.
The good news is that you can do it too, no coding required.

In this tutorial, we will set up a bot that will connect and send messages to targetted recruiters for you.

Why should you send messages directly to a recruiter?

(In a rush ⏱️? Skip this part and jump directly to the Strategy Section to set up your bot).

Times have changed, it has been more difficult to find a job. It is not worth it to spend an exorbitant amount of time sending individual messages to recruiters when it can take some time to review your application and figure out if you are a good fit. Why is this important? Shortening the process is key to seeing results for the amount of time you spend on your job communications.

The recruitment system is asymmetrical, you spend hours applying to job whereas recruiters only take a few seconds to judge your application. Let’s rebalance this, thanks to the technology.

By sending a high volume of automated direct messages to recruiters, you become more active in your job search, not just relying on long applications that may never be looked at. Once you get responses, you will understand more about the job requirements and whether you think you will be a good fit.

Companies are recruiting a workforce to do a job where the recruits are seen as an expense instead of being seen as a person with a personality. When directly communicating with recruiters, know that your soft skills are just as important as your resume.

As a contribution to this movement, I am writing this article to encourage people to communicate directly instead of just applying everywhere and not getting any responses. These responses help us understand why we are not a good fit, which could help improve our future outreach.

Finding a job should look like a conversation where we learn more about the job and what we can contribute. Being prepared to ask intelligent questions is just as important as what you say about yourself because recruiters want candidates to be interested in learning more.

With 87 % of recruiters using LinkedIn regularly it is worth it to use this as a primary communication.

On a larger scale, using this strategy will improve the recruiting system globally. By applying only on jobs that fit you, recruiters will receive less unfitted application allowing them to shift their times from screening resumes to having a real conversation with potential candidates, which improve the experience for both sides. It’s a virtuous circle.

To sum up, this approach will:

  1. Boost your chance to reach a recruiter
  2. Show that you are proactive and are finding new ways to do things
  3. Help you get advice and feedback, so you can tailor your approach
  4. Allow you to get in touch with people you may have not been able to reach before.
  5. Better target jobs that are a good fit and not wasting your time and ones that are not.
  6. Improve the recruiting experience on a larger scale for both candidates and recruiters.

The Strategy

The idea is to let a bot send a custom LinkedIn message to recruiters that are looking for individuals in your profession. The system allows you to send over 80 messages per day during 14 (free trial) days. You won’t need more, trust me.
This will contact 1120 people? in only 20 min. Worth it right?

What you will need

  • A LinkedIn account
  • An email address
  • A web browser (Chrome recommended)

Ready, set, GO!

Start your timer now because in 20 min everything will be set up! The article seems long because every step has been detailed, but there is a lot of images and it’s quick & easy to follow.


A) Find the people you want/need to contact

B) Create a Phantom Buster Account and setup the phantom that will collect the contacts from step A
⚠️You will only have a free trial of 14 days, so be ready before signing up

C) Set the phantom and write the message you want to send them

D) Wait for their responses and answer them

A.Find the people you want/need to contact

  1. Go to the LinkedIn main search bar.

2. Write the field you want following by “Recruiter.” (e.g. “IT Recruiter” )
Or the job you are looking for (e.g. “Data Engineer”)

3. Adjust for location

4. Click “People.”

5. Results will appear as a list of profiles.

6. Keep the URL we will need it for the next step B when setting up the phantom

B.Create a Phantom Buster Account

⚠️When creating your account you will only have 14 days of a free trial.

  1. Go to Phantom Buster website and create your free trial account.
  2. Sign in and go to Phantoms (on the top) and select the LinkedIn Search Export phantom.

Use the LinkedIn Search Export phantom

3. Install the chrome extension to retrieve your session

4. Click on Connect to LinkedIn
Paste the Linkedin Request URL from step A into the Search input field

5. Scroll down and Save, we don’t need to touch the other fields.

6. Keep the launch set to manually and save

7. Choose if you want to receive notifications email and Save.

8. Launch the collect of the contacts

9. When finished, copy the link below Chain Phantoms. This URL points towards the profiles the bot have collected, we will now give it to another phantom that will contact those people for us.

C.Set the phantom and write the message you want to send them

  1. Go back to Phantoms and select the LinkedIn Network Booster Phantom

Select the LinkedIn Network Booster Phantom

2. Set it up: Connect to LinkedIn, past the URL from the previous step B.9

3. This is the most important part of this tutorial, do not neglect it.
Write a message sharing any questions and what you can add to their company.

You can use the tag #firstName# or #fullName#to personalize the message Simple advice:

  • Keep it short (You are limited by 300 characters by LinkedIn and it’s for your good)
  • Be respectful: friendly but not too casual, a simple greeting like Hi Camille is enough
  • State the roles you are looking for, be precise and brief! (Field, job title, size and type of company …)
  • Don’t forget to ask for advice or contacts
  • Offer to send your resume at the end
  • Put yourself into their shoes, how will you catch their attention? (Recruiters are busy people, and seeing tons of candidates)

4. Save

5. Schedule the number of launches per day.
One launch represents 10 connection requests for a message.

⚠️You can’t exceed 8 launches per day, or you risk to be blocked for a few hours by LinkedIn. You should not exceed this limit either way, because you won’t have the time to answer everyone. The limitations are described in this article.

I will recommend 4 times per day to have the time to respond.

6. Save, set your notifications, save again

STOP! Congrats! You have set your first bot! I hope we are on time and that we didn’t exceed 20 mins.
You can now close your browser and let it work for you. The only constraint is that you can’t log out of your LinkedIn account!

D.Wait for their responses and answer them

Take the time to answer each recruiter. If they took the time to respond, the least you can do is to reply!

What’s next?

Have fun with it! Easily set another phantom to contact different people and change or adjust your messages!

Thank you for reading! I hope that you will connect with some amazing and supportive people in your journey!

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