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Whether you’re just starting out, looking to advance in your organization, or wanting to take your career journey in a new direction, a Microsoft Certification in Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Power Platform validates your Business Applications skills and experience. And organizations around the world need professionals like you who can support their business requirements with these transformative technologies.

Wondering where you fit in? Check out the new Microsoft Discover Your Career Path blog post series and get all the details!

Dynamics 365

Organizations everywhere are searching for new automated solutions, and they need a tech workforce of professionals who can adapt these innovations to improve customer experiences, support business goals, and plan for future growth. In Discover Your Career Path series, you can get an inside look at the Microsoft approach to training and certification, which focuses on building a strong learning culture and encouraging learners on their journey. And see how Dynamics 365 certifications can lead to great things for learners and companies alike.

In their most recent posts, you can take an in-depth look at Dynamics 365 certification and Exam, which validate your Dynamics 365 skills and experience and prove that you have what it takes to benefit your team and organization. Find out how to get started, explore different learning options, connect with the Dynamics 365 community, and celebrate your success on social media.

You can even check out the next steps, as you continue to build skills that are in demand with organizations looking to keep pace with today’s digital transformation.

Microsoft Power Platform

Find the right Microsoft Power Platform certification for you – Microsoft Tech Community

If you love using Microsoft Power Platform to analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and support your team and organization, Discover Your Career Path series allows you to dive deep into Microsoft Power Platform training and certifications and help you discover the right fit for your career journey, whether you’re new to tech or a seasoned pro. A certification can send a career-building message to employers and can even help open exciting career doors, as you modernize processes and solve tough challenges with your proven Microsoft Power Platform skills.

You can take an in-depth look at Microsoft Power Platform certification and Exam, helping you gear up for an in-demand role. The digital revolution is booming, resulting in a well-documented IT skills gap, and your Microsoft Power Platform certification shows you have what it takes to use this low-code technology to solve problems, build solutions, and streamline processes for your team and organization.

Get the resources you need to follow your career path, embrace a culture of learning, skill up, and put an in-demand certification on your résumé.

Nancy Tandy

Senior Business Manager Strategy at Microsoft


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