Running Python scripts in Microsoft Power BI

There are more and more stakeholders in the world of data analysis and business intelligence. Therefore, since 2018, integrating statistical […]

The Simplicity of Building with Serverless

A brief history of web development evolution: More than a decade has passed away since the launch of Ruby on […]

Setting up a Growth organization

Hello everyone, welcome to Innovation Leaders, the Ekkiden-powered Togetherbytech_, Innovation Leaders podcast, which aims to inspire you and give you […]

The culture of quality, how to get organised to create the best product

Today we are welcoming Lucas Bertola, CTO and co-founder of Agicap, Start-up or even Scale-up, of a company from Lyon which was created in […]

MS Dynamics Events Management Portal: How to interact with CDS

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an excellent resource for establishing and managing business relationships with the customers to whom your products […]

Adapter son business, sa vision et son organisation à l’ère du Covid-19

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes rejoints par Oussama Ammar, co-fondateur de The Family, pour enregistrer ce 8ème épisode. The Family est une […]

How to choose a Framework?

Every year we ask ourselves the same question: which framework should you use? How many times did you search for [...]

Starting from a tech vision to create a leading InsurTech player!

Today, it is Benoit BOURDEL, CTO, and Co-founder of Luko who has joined us for this seventh episode of Innovation […]

EdTech – Discover Coorpacademy, the Netflix of Corporate Learning

Jean-Marc Tassetto joined us for this new episode #6, an episode that will take us on the paths of Google, […]

The Perfect Product Market Fit to Conquer the World!

Alix de Sagazan made us the honor to visit us on TogetherbyTech_ to talk about her great adventure with AB Tasty as CEO […]

Undertaking in Tech, behind the curtains of Upflow with Alexandre Louisy

In this article, you will be discovering a startup called Upflow which allows companies to manage their finances by helping […]

11 Tips for Data Migrations

I have just finished two Data Migrations, and I wanted to take some time to review my work, see what I did [...]

The Flow

Ever dreamed of arriving in the office in the morning full of energy and leaving in the evening without noticing how quickly […]

Tech Trends, Management and Scalability

Christophe Aulnette is a Senior Advisor at Apax Partner, one of Europe’s leading private equity firms, and President of the deep tech company Dathena, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence.  Former President of Microsoft in […]

How to automate your job search in 20 min

Now you can automate your internship or job research by sending custom messages to a recruiter through LinkedIn thanks to Phantom Buster👻 . [...]