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#9 – Lucas BERTOLA, Co-Fondateur d’AGICAP est sur Innovation Leaders ?La culture de la qualitĂ©, comment s’organiser pour crĂ©er le meilleur produit

? Episode #9 of the podcast Innovation Leaders is live ? Lucas Bertola, CTO et co–fondateur of Agicap joined us for the episode #9 of Innovation Leaders. […]

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#8 – Oussama AMMAR, Co-Founder of TheFamily is on Innovation Leaders ?Being Covid proof, how to adapt one’s business during the pandemic

Adapting one’s business, vision, and organization during the Covid-19 era, the example of TheFamily.  The Covid-19 is a real game-changer for the economic world, the entrepreneurial world, and the investors. Everybody needs to question or even reinvent themselves. That’s what happened to TheFamily, […]

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