How to choose a Framework?

Every year we ask ourselves the same question: which framework should you use?

How many times did you search for something like: best framework to learn in? In the end you just finished by saying that nobody could answer this question at all, after reading tons of articles on the Internet.

Sometimes we ask ourselves this question just because we want to be sure, before we start studying something new. If the things, you are studying are something that the market is asking for the actual year.

So, the question should be: What are the frameworks and technologies that major companies are using right now?

OK, now we know the question, but we don’t know how to answer, right? No!

I will be introducing Stack Share the final answer to your new questions every year.

In this article we will share a place, a website where you can know which frameworks companies are using and, at this point, what you need to study to be interested in a job.

Link to StackShare.

After navigating to this website, you will be able to search for the top tools and frameworks used by most of the companies using this section. Here you can get immediate feedback about which framework you should learn about since it is used by a huge amount of big companies like Pinterest, Uber, or Airbnb.

With the previous link, you are now able to understand which are the most used frameworks. However, how do you understand which stack to learn about instead of concentrating only on a given framework? The answer is the stack section you can find here.

Once you are logged in…

You can log in with Google or other systems and, after that, you are able to get additional features for free.
The registration process is quick and during it, you can choose which stack and tools you will use to get updates on them, on your feed.
You can follow a given company to get updates about the stack used by pressing “Follow” in the company’s profile. Updates will appear on your feed with the other related stacks and technologies previously selected.
Another interesting section is this one. The Job section allows you to search for job opportunities according to your position and other filters.


In conclusion, if you are planning to start learning something now check this powerful website to stop wasting time. You now will also be aware of new trending technologies when they come up!

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