About Us

This space is designed for and by the members of the community_

We like to share our passions, ideas and expertise on technology through Tech talks, training, interviews, demos, meet-ups, conferences and podcasts. In addition to encouraging a committed community, TogetherbyTech can help you develop your reputation as a technology leader, among your peers but also throughout the industry.

Do you know a person who inspires you, who you’d like to onboard on a tech event? Do you need an opinion? Are you looking for a skill? Looking for a job? An event to share? Do you want to engage on a debate? A technology to present, or simply an app to share?

What do we offer

? Meetings! Online or live, we want to help you connect, develop your network and your skills during events with leaders who will share their experience and expertise.

? Discussions and networking! Whether in our Discord spaces or during events, we want to bring you together so that you are able to effectively communicate with one another.

? Content! Quality content that reflects our ambition for this space. This can take the shape of sharing best practices, interviews and forums, blog articles and training to enrich and develop yourself.

This community is an opportunity to :

  • Meet Innovation Leaders and learn from them
  • Discover new technologies and trends
  • Dive into other industries and find inspirations
  • Extend your network
  • Access to qualitative content and events
  • Discover tools and apps that you were looking for
  • Learn methodologies and find ideas that will enable you to achieve more and better
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We believe in
Technology. Network. Exchange.

And we would love ? to have you on board!

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The origin of our project

Technology is an integral part of our lives and our businesses. It is in constant development and is unstoppable. Tech enthusiasts love to share and learn, they need a space that will bring them together to allow them to meet and find inspiration. Such a space does not exist yet in Europe so we’ve decided to create it with TogetherbyTech.

Ekkiden’s mission is to unleash your potential through technology. This community is a means of bringing together those for whom technology is a lever for growth, thus revealing said potential. We want this community to be autonomous and independent, though we will still provide the necessary means (material and human), to make it grow and flourish!

CEO Ekkiden